A mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO), equipped with the FPGA Dynamic Probe application, can provide invaluable insight into digital system problems by allowing one to view internal digital activity inside Xilinx FPGAs, such as a state machine, while also viewing time correlated analog characteristics of external digital signals, such as the fast ...
I have started building my Gameduino 3 oscilloscope. It uses some of the techniques discussed in recent posts. It uses an interrupt on button2 for the FPGA to tell the STM32 when data is ready and then uses QSPI to fetch the samples so they can be displayed on the Gameduino screen. 2018-07-19 21.36.31.jpg 2088x3712 2.17 MB
It’s an open-source oscilloscope running at 250Msps with 60MHz of bandwidth, in the form factor of a cable; imagine you cut the BNC end off of an oscilloscope probe, and replaced it with a USB port: that’s the Probe-Scope.
DSO Quad is a pocket size 4 channel digital oscilloscope for common electronic engineering tasks. It's based on ARM cortex M3 (STM32F103VCT6) 32 bits platform, providing 72MS/s sampling rate with integrated FPGA and high speed ADC. Internal 2MB USB disk could be used to store waveform, user application and upgrade firmware.